Government Hill Residents Protest Demolitions for Knik Arm Bridge

by:  Anne Hillman, APRN

On Tuesday potential demolition contractors were shown buildings the state wants torn down on Government Hill in Anchorage, and protesters chanted and held signs protesting the demolition as premature. It’s the result of planning for a bridge by the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority, or KABATA, that has now been taken over by the state. Local home owner Marjorie Ellis did not mince words in her criticism of that bridge idea:
“Everything they’ve done is to destroy Government Hill, which is the oldest community in Anchorage.”

Funding prospects for the bridge hang on seeking a federal loan. But
Jill Rees of the state Transportation Department says right of way
acquisition has to run well ahead of any construction:

“You can’t wait until you’re ready with the financing to start building the bridge.  You might be three or four years down the line, at that point, of just getting properties purchased.  Also, especially in the Anchorage Bowl, prices aren’t going down.”

The demolition is planned for November.

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