Lost ATVers Given Directions by Helicopter Near Petersville

On Sunday, two Anchorage men who were overdue from an ATV trip near Petersville returned safely after getting directions from an Alaska State Trooper helicopter.  Troopers received the call about James “Bill” Livesay II and James “Jay” Livesay III at around 4:00 pm on Sunday.  The two men were about twelve hours past their planned check-in at a cabin near Shulin Lake.  A family friend took his own plane and ATV to look for the men, but was unsuccessful.  He did find Bill and Jay Livesay’s ATVs abandoned along the trail, however.  At that point, the family contacted the Alaska State Troopers.  Troopers dispatched a helicopter to look for the missing men, and located them shortly after 8:00 pm.  They could be picked up, however, because no landing spot was available for the helicopter.  The men appeared to be in good health, and were given the correct direction to walk in order to reach the cabin.  They were able to walk back to the cabin by about 10:00 pm, and reported no injuries.

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