Report analyzes public water options for Trapper Creek

Map of Trapper Creek, including the proposed project location. Photo taken from CRW Engineering preliminary draft report.

After a community well went dry in Trapper Creek last year, efforts have been underway to establish a new source of clean water that is open to the public by partnering with Village Safe Water. Most recently, CRW Engineering produced a draft preliminary engineering report looking at a few options for the community.

There are four alternatives presented in the report. Two potential courses of action would involve drilling a new community well and allowing people to use it for a fee. One calls for an electric pump, which would be the faster alternative for customers, but also means higher ongoing costs. Under this plan, there would be a pay station where customers pay for the water each time they use the well. The other well-based alternative would have a hand pump. People wishing to use the well would pay a one-time fee for an access card. This alternative has a lower maintenance cost, but does not have a steady stream of maintenance income, and could be difficult for some people with physical limitations to operate.

The other two options involve trucking water in from Talkeetna. Where they differ is in how the water would reach customers. Under one alternative, the water could be delivered by truck to residences. While this option provides a great deal of convenience, it is also potentially more costly to individuals and families. The final option would be to fill a large tanker truck with water in Talkeetna and drive it to a central location in Trapper Creek, where residents and visitors could bring their water containers for filling.   That would be a relatively inexpensive way to bring water to the community, but, without a warm facility to store the truck in, could prove problematic during cold winter days.


The CRW Engineering report is still in draft form, and a preferred alternative has not yet been selected.

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