Nuggets – Harvesting wild food in the spring

Pam Robinson and Kathy Ernst share harvesting and preparation tips for wild foods you can find soon after the snow goes away, including fiddlehead ferns, Devil’s club, and more. Audio runs a half hour. Download Audio (mp3) Here are some recipes featured in the show…

Nuggets-A visit with the Jennes

In this program from our archives, host Holly Stinson talks to longtime Alaskans Rose and Gene Jenne, who lived in Platinum (while wearing a number of hats) in Southwest Alaska for twenty years, prior to their purchase of a gas station / laundromat on Main Street in Talkeetna, which they operated for thirty years. Audio…

Nuggets-“Trapper John” Baker, part 3

Holly Stinson wraps up her visit with Talkeetna resident John Baker with stories of trapping in the Kahiltna River area in the 60’s and 70’s, and the amazing story of Queenie the infamous aerial dog.  Audio runs about a half hour. Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets- “Trapper John” Baker, part 2

Host Holly Stinson continues her conversation with Talkeetna resident John Baker.  In this second of three Nuggets, you’ll hear about Trapper John’s third trip up the highway and the start of his trapping adventures in the Kahiltna River area. Audio runs a half hour. Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets-The Making of Birch Syrup

On this archived Nugget from April 2009, we find out how to tap your own trees and boil it down to make something sweet and unique. Host Charlie Loeb talks to Dulce East of Kahiltna Birchworks. Audio runs about a half hour. Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets-A tribute to Cliff Hudson

Host Sue Deyoe gathers memories of pioneer aviator and Talkeetna community member Cliff Hudson from the 1960’s to the present. Cliff recently passed away at age 84. Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets: McKinley, Denali-What’s in a name?

In this Nugget from the 2009 archive, host Sue Deyoe tackles a mountainous question…what should the Great One be called?  Mount McKinley or Denali…the history of the Big Name Debate.  We hear from Frank Norris, Pete Martin, Missy Smothers, and former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.  (30 min) Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets: Getting Clean in Talkeetna

Host Laura Wright talks to area residents without plumbing, and current and former owners of bathing and laundry facilities, to find out how people are dealing with the shortage of places to get clean in Talkeetna. Audio runs about a half hour. Download Audio (mp3)

Nuggets-sprint mushers Egil Ellis and Helen Lundberg

TALKING DOGS— Sprint mushers Egil Ellis and his wife Helen Lundberg share the passion of racing sprint dogs. Photo by Diana Haecker The 75th anniversary of the Fur Rondy is this year, and local mushers will be among those participating in the sled dog racing portion of the festival. Host Charlie Loeb talks with two…