StarDate Susitna 10-1-2017

  Host and producer Kathleen Fleming talks about what is coming up in the night sky over the Susitna Valley, and talks to Chris Mannix about his experience viewing the total eclipse of the sun from Corvallis, OR  in August.

StarDate Susitna 9-24-2017

Host, producer and interviewer Kathleen Fleming talks with two Talkeetna people who experienced August’s total solar eclipse Outside:  Jeremy Mangione and Lannie Hamilton. She also tells what’s coming up in the night sky this week.

StarDate Susitna 9-10-17

  In this episode of StarDate Susitna, Kathleen Fleming fills us in on what astronomical events we can look for in the September night sky.  

StarDate Susitna 8-14-2017

More segments from past programs about the upcoming eclipse Monday August 21st. Kathleen talks about modern eclipse-chasing, as well as eclipses in past times, and their chasers. Eclipse shades and info sheets are still available at KTNA this week during office hours, while supplies last!

StarDate Susitna, 8-6-2017 by Kathleen Fleming

A brand new show about the upcoming Great American Eclipse on August 21st:  how eclipses happen, about the path of totality, (above) and if you aren’t going there, how to SAFELY observe the partial eclipse here in the Upper Susitna Valley with eclipse shades, or using other indirect methods of viewing the eclipse, using items…

Susitna Writer’s Voice–StarDate Susitna 7-23-2017

More audio paragraphs from a previously aired StarDate Susitna (this one from June) about what to expect during the solar eclipse August 21st, whether you’ve made plans to travel to the path of totality, (thousands of miles of traffic jams?, food shortages?) or will be here in the upper Susitna Valley (where we’ll hope for…