Collision with school bus 4th of its kind this year

Another collision with a school bus and a private vehicle occurred on Monday in Palmer. Mat-Su officials are reminding drivers to be wary during school hours while buses are on the road. It was the 4th accident involving a school bus collision this year.

The accident happened near the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. Troopers say the car slid head-on into the school bus. The bus was full of students from Palmer High School. No students were injured but the driver of the private vehicle was transported to the hospital with injuries.

The first bus accident to happen this school season occurred on September 9 in Big Lake. A woman who said she was having a sneezing fit, slammed into the back of a school bus. The bus had to be lifted off the vehicle with airbags.

The second collision occurred November 12 with a bus full of elementary school children in Wasilla . Another incident occurred November 24 when a vehicle hit a bus head-on in Wasilla.

None of the incidents appear related and no bus drivers have been cited. Citations have been issued to the drivers of the private vehicles.

District officials and response teams continue to advise people to be careful around school buses and drive cautiously on snow-packed roadways.

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