Announcement Policy

KTNA is a non-profit community radio station with a mission “to provide a broad base of educational, cultural and informative programming to challenge, broaden and enrich the listening audience” and “to foster a sense of community within the Upper Susitna Valley.” As a public radio station we receive federal funding to support the availability of non-commercial radio, in a media world dominated by commercial interests.

KTNA airs announcements from non-profit and not-for-profit organizations and individuals, to serve the community as the primary source of information for upcoming events. Suitable events for announcements include meetings, public workshops and classes, cultural events, school functions, medical clinics, and musical performances.

Our mission and our “sound” differ significantly from commercial radio stations. In keeping with its non-commercial mission, and recognizing that KTNA values the support of its underwriters, (who receive on-air announcements in exchange for payment), announcements about or relating to a business’s regular goods and services will not be aired. New business openings or changes in business practices may be covered in KTNA local news, but they will not air as announcements.

For-profit businesses and individuals are encouraged to consider underwriting KTNA, a means of providing tangible support for community radio, while also educating the community about their services. Underwriters will not be given any special consideration under this announcement policy.

KTNA may only air fundraising announcements for non-profit organizations with IRS 501(c)3 status, proof of which must accompany any fundraising announcements submittal.

For political events, KTNA will air meet-the-candidate event notices if the event is open to the public, free of charge, and not a fundraiser.

If the event includes a fundraising function, but does not require the public to contribute funds, and as long as it includes an opportunity to meet the candidate, KTNA will announce the gathering, but not the fundraising part of the event. All candidates will be treated equally under this policy.

On rare occasion, KTNA may decide to air announcements from any source, if the event announced is deemed to be in the public’s particular best interest. KTNA reserves editorial rights over all announcements.

KTNA Classifieds Policy

KTNA broadcasts classifieds for individuals as a public service. Under no circumstance will KTNA run classifieds for businesses or for individuals routinely using classifieds as a business activity. (Policy approved 4-30-2009)

Community Calendar Policy

The Community Calendar includes events that KTNA can air as announcements and additional events of cultural, health, and community interest that happen at local businesses. Examples of events at businesses that we will include on the calendar but cannot air on announcements are art shows, author readings, free concerts, and visiting health care providers. Community calendar events will not include commercial endeavors that either cost to participate (e.g. baking classes) or are intended to attract business (e.g. sales). While KTNA has more latitude on website content, we must still to adhere to FCC regulations for public radio stations. KTNA reserves editorial rights over all calendar events.