Sponsor a Show

Underwriting is the public radio alternative to advertising. It is a means for businesses and organizations to identify their product or service to the listening audience while showing their support for the quality programming that is only available on non-commercial radio. Program underwriting provides much needed financial support to KTNA.This insures the continued broadcast of news, information, education, and entertainment to the communities of the Upper Susitna Valley.

Underwriting opportunities exist for all KTNA programming. Announcements are worded to comply with FCC guidelines, which are designed to maintain the non-commercial mission and sound of KTNA-FM.

Announcements may include:

  • Name
  • Location information and phone number
  • Business Hours
  • Value-netural descriptions of product or service
  • Slogans that idenftify but do not promote

Announcements may NOT include:

  • Information about prices, descounts, savings, etc.
  • Qualitative language (“The best, leading, greatest, etc.”)
  • Comparative language (“Better than.”)
  • Calls to action

Both KTNA and the underwriter must approve underwriting announcements prior to airing.  They are recorded by a station staff member or volunteer who does not have a direct relationship with the underwriter.  Underwriting messages are recorded without music and are limited to 14 seconds.

Rates show the cost per announcement at the times indicated.  Custom arrangements are available for any budget. For further information about underwriting or to begin an underwriting contract, please contact us at (907) 733-1700 or supportKTNA@ktna.org.

Program time Rate per spot 
(8 spots minimum)
Off Peak 10pm-6am $10
Peak 6am-10am
Noon & 6pm News
Daytime 10am-10pm
(excluding news)