StarDate Susitna, 1-14-18

In this episode of StarDate, Kathleen Fleming discusses the new moon this week and the waxing crescent and super moon. There is some info on viewing the Adronmeda Galaxy with an image below.

StarDate Sustina, 12-17-17

This episode of StarDate Susitna by Kathleen Fleming is about the December Solstice and the night sky over the upper Susitna valley. Correction(in audio): in this program, I said the current North Star was at the end of the Big Dipper’s handle of course I meant the end of the Little Dippers handle.

StarDate Susitna,12-3-17

  Join Kathleen Fleming in this episode of Star Date Susitna for information on an upcoming meteor shower and a visit with local Pam Robinson about her experience viewing the solar eclipse in August.

StarDate Susitna, 11-12-17

In this StarDate Susitna, Kathleen Fleming talks about astronomical events coming up this week including meteor showers, planet conjunctions and the moon’s social schedule. Also, an interview with Kelly Thomas about her special eclipse viewing experiences.

StarDate Susitna, 11-5-17

On this StarDate Susitna, Kathleen Fleming talks about some special star activity to look for in the night sky and the course of Asteroid 7 Iris. The 3 lower images show the asteroid’s location relative to the constellation Aries for the dates November 6,10, and 14 respectively. The images are from

Susitna Writer’s Voice–StarDate Susitna 10-29-17

  Host Kathleen Fleming informs listeners about upcoming celestial events, including the upcoming full moon and cross-quarter day, which is the traditional beginning of winter, how to spot an asteroid, (if the sky clears), and the end of daylight saving time (tho’ unfortunately not forever). Also, hear (and see photos of) former Talkeetna resident Holli…