StarDate Susitna 2-11-2018

Host and producer Kathleen Fleming tells listeners about the evening and morning stars and planets visible from the Susitna Valley this time of year.  Note that near the end of the show, Kathleen meant to say “…and it’s not even mid-February yet”.    

StarDate Susitna, 1-29-18

The featured topic in this week’s StarDate Sustina with Kathleen Fleming is Wednesday’s morning total lunar eclipse. Below are links to several informative documents included with this post for timing detail, explanations as to the red color of the moon during the eclipse, and other info. Lunar Eclipse 2018 timing details Lunar Eclipse 2018 STAR…

StarDate Sustina, 1-21-18

    Join Kathleen Fleming for a flash back to an episode aired 24 years ago. Kathleen has being doing StarDate Susitna for these past 25 years! Click on link for: Images and text about the 1/27 Occultation and the 1/31 Lunar Eclipse

StarDate Susitna, 1-14-18

In this episode of StarDate, Kathleen Fleming discusses the new moon this week and the waxing crescent and super moon. There is some info on viewing the Adronmeda Galaxy with an image below.