Mt. Redoubt erupts again


photo from AVO website

photo from AVO website

9:50 a.m. – Redoubt erupted again last night at 7:41.  Winds pushed the ash eastward.  There are no reports of ash from that eruption.  Seismicity has remained unchanged since early this morning.  


Depending on where flights are coming from or going to at the Anchorage airport, expect delays or cancellations.

Ashfall around the Susitna Valley was scattered and localized.  Downtown Talkeetna doesn’t appear to have any ash, but walking along trails and along the river, there are intermittent areas of ash.  East Talkeetna appears to have no ash, but one Talkeetna air service reported light ash and the air service across the tarmack reported that there was so little it was indistigushable.  Ashfall in Trapper Creek was a little more significant although not measurable to any degree.  Residents along Petersville Road reported accumulation of ash.  Those along the Tokositna and at the end of Petersville Road reported between 1/8″ to 1/4″ of ash.  Skwenta appears to be the area that received the highest accumulation.

The DEC air advisory has expired.

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