Special Borough election scheduled for June 9th

A Mat Su Borough special election will be held on June 9th to replace past mayor Curt Menard.

Menard passed away on March 3rd, after a long fight with cancer.  State statute declares that a special election must occur.  The cost of the election overall is estimated to be close to 90 thousand dollars. 

The Mat Su Borough Assembly will be placing a sales tax ordinance on the table for discussion at the next Borough Assembly meeting and the proposed sales tax will be on the special election ballot in June along with the new mayor.

 The 3 percent sales tax has been proposed to bring more diversification to the economic base of the Borough. It would also bring a mandatory decrease in the mill rate.

Borough Assemblyman Tom Kluberton, not necessarily for or against the proposal, says it’s about spreading the burden.  The tax would lighten the load of the property taxpayer and put more burden on those visiting the Borough.  He says during his term on the Assembly, the proposal has come up twice, but then taken off the table for varying reasons.

A special Borough Assembly meeting to discuss the proposal as well as anything else that might go on the special election ballot will be held on March 31st.

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