Community Councils still to decide on revenue sharing projects

This past January, the Mat Su Borough Assembly approved an ordinance that would allow each community council within the Borough boundaries to receive over $20,000 provided they submit a scope of work.

The councils that have received fully executed agreements are Willow Area Community Organization, Chickaloon, Lake Louise, Meadow Lakes and Sutton. Those councils have given the Borough their project information, and in turn, have received the funds.

The Borough received $440,000 from the state for community revenue sharing for 2009. Split among 21 community councils, the total amount per council is $20,200.

Elizabeth Hartley, Borough Comptroller, says that in order to receive funds, councils need to be listed as an incorporated non-profit organization with the state of Alaska. Next, the council needs to provide the Borough with a scope of work. The money is distributed with the understanding that it will be used on a project, or projects, to benefit all residents. She says the scope of work of those submitting projects so far, varies greatly.

The Susitna Community Council is on their way to getting their501C-3 status and is not yet registered with the state as a non-profit. They have had the revenue sharing issue on their agenda each month. Both Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Community Councils are non profits in good standing with the state and have discussed the issue off and on at meetings, but have not chosen a project.

Hartley says that community councils can still submit their scope of work this year, since there is no sunset clause on the 2009 revenue sharing. She says that revenue sharing for 2010 is a possibility, but not confirmed. If revenue sharing occurs in 2010, the new Chase Council will also be eligible to receive money.

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