Chase Council discusses illegal camping issue

The Chase Community Council met Tuesday night with several items on their plate to discuss.

The long term parking area for Chase residents that is on Alaska Railroad property has turned into a problem for residents. The parking area was turned into long term parking, managed by the Borough, so that residents could park their cars and take their alternative transportation up the tracks to their homes.

Now, there are people that are not Chase residents that have moved into the lot with travel trailers and actually live in the parking lot. Residents, at various times, have addressed those that are seemingly set up to live long term in the parking lot and told them it is unacceptable. In these cases, residents are met with belligerence. Those people that have set up habitation in the parking lot, not only defecate in the nearby woods but also bring pets with them as well. Chase residents discussed the health and safety issues related to the concerning problem. The Board agreed to contact Alaska Railroad security and the Borough one more time to get assistance with the issue.

The council also discussed obtaining their 501 c 3 status as a non profit. They decided to continue the search into what it takes to get the council non-profit status.

The council members thanked those that had made an effort in trail maintenance, which was an issue discussed at the previous meeting.

The Chase council meets on a quarterly basis. Board President Peg Foster says it is likely the council will meet again before the end of the year.

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