Talkeetna Council holds annual meeting

The Talkeetna Community Council held their annual meeting on Monday night with the election of officers.

The election of the board of directors of the council was held in October. Meghaan Vaughan, Howard Carbone and Cary Birdsall were elected to open seats. At Monday night’s meeting, Billy Fitzgerald was elected council president, Doug Gualtieri was elected as vice president, Sharon Montanigno was elected as secretary and Howard Carbone was elected as the new treasurer.

The newly elected board was seated at the meeting and newly elected officers take on their new roles immediately after the meeting.

The council met with a variety of topics on the agenda. A letter was received from the Borough confirming that Main Street striping will be done in the spring as soon as pavement is dry enough to do so.

A lengthy discussion was held on the council’s website. The council is ready to get a domain name and pay for a host. The cost of the site will be approximately 80 dollars a year. The board of directors was in agreement that the website needs to continue with the ability to post important documents and informational links.

A downtown parking committee has been formed to deal with a pedestrian traffic plan for downtown. A bed tax grant was received years ago to address the issue but in the end, the twenty five thousand dollar grant went to building restrooms at the end of Main Street. Last month, the topic was brought up again due to increasing issues with parking in Talkeetna. The committee will examine the possibility of obtaining funds to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in downtown.

The next council meeting is December 7th at the Elementary school.

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