Susitna Community Council seats new board

Following the November elections, the Susitna Community Council seated a new board of directors last week. New directors are Bronn Salmon, Phenie Miller  and Wade Bartel. The council elected new officers. Robert Coleman is the new and old president. In his absence, council member Terrence Shanigan was nominated to be vice president. Secretary is Cari Sayre. Tami Hamler is the treasurer and new board member Bronn Salmon volunteered to be parlamentarian and Sergeant-at-arms.

Most of the meeting was devoted to answering questions posed by new members Wade Bartel and Phenie Miller. Miller questioned the council’s procedure to allow a board member to draft and send out correspondence from the council to other entities. Wade Bartel said he was not familiar with the issues the council had worked on in the past and requested to be brought up to speed on issues like the Sunshine Creek improvements and efforts to incorporate the council as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Steven Jacobson, member of the Meadow Lakes community council, attended the meeting and announced his running for state house representative against incumbent Rep. Mark Neuman. Jacobson is the owner of the Holiday gas station in Meadow Lakes and said he is running on the Republican ticket in the upcoming state primary. Jacobson invited the public to give him feedback on the community’s needs by contacting him at [email protected]

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