Residents report difficulties with online PFD application

The state of Alaska opened the 2010 PFD Application period this weekend.  Instead of mailing booklets as they have the past years, they encouraged all residents to go online and apply.

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated, and a number of people reported technical difficulties when applying and trying to use the “pick, click and give” option to give a portion of their PFD to their favorite charity. There have been reported delays in displaying the lists of charities and reported problems with the drop down menus.

The dividend division’s at the state website is working on clearing up all the “pick click and give” snafu’s.  The state assures those who have already filed and wanted to designate their PFD to a charity and couldn’t, that they will have a chance to do so.

There were also problems with families applying.  Some families were only able to fill out applications for one or two family members.  The Permanent Fund Dividend Division staff has noted that the specific multiple filing problem has been remedied.

For those that do not have computer access, the paper applications are not going away, but will be mailed to all residents who used a paper application in 2009.  There will be booklets available at both the Trapper Creek and Talkeetna Libraries.

The PFD application period ends March 31st.  All written and online applications need to be received by midnight on that day.

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