BBB warns of scams

The Better Business Bureau continues to warn residents of various scams.

Locally, a business owner warned of a scam where tourists receive a call in their hotel room from the front desk saying their credit card didn’t go through and the desk needs the number again, or a new card number.  Of course, it is not the front desk that has called and people get a very large credit card bill when they return.

Along the tourist line, the Better Business Bureau recently released information that the Anchorage based B&B RV Rental company has caused problems for Alaska tourists. Since summer of 2008, there have been 305 inquiries and 12 complaints regarding the company.  It has received an F rating from BBB.  The company’s business license expired at the end of 2009 according to BBB, however, their website is currently advertising a sale for fall of 2010.

The latest scam reported by the Better Business Bureau is free gift vouchers.  The BBB warns not to respond to unknown free offers and don’t pay anything if its supposed to be free.

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