Borough’s NRMU plan to head to Planning Commission

The Mat Su Borough’s proposed Natural Resource Management Unit plan is set to be introduced to the Borough Planning Commission this Monday in Palmer.  That means the public hearing on the long awaited plan will take place on July 19th in front of the Planning Commission.  There is no Commission meeting set for July 5th.

The N-R-M-U plan has gone through a more extensive process than many public comment documents at the Borough.  This is the BOROURGH’s plan for natural resources on Borough land, which is not to be confused with the recent public hearings on DNR’s Susitna Matanuska Area Plan.

The Borough’s NRMUs will classify specific Borough owned lands throughout the Borough.

Resource manager Debby Broenske (burn-ess-kee) says that she doesn’t believe the planning commission will make changes to the plan because the process has been so extensive.

If the plan follows the chain of approval on schedule, the Borough Assembly will most likely hold the public hearing on the plan in mid August.

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