Talkeetna Community Council discusses Fish Lake

The Talkeetna Community Council discussed access to Fish Lake at length at their regular monthly meeting on Monday evening.  The trails advisory committee asked the council to write a letter to the Borough asking that they deny a request from developer Ken Emmers.  Emmers had asked the Borough for a bridge and access road to Fish Lake in return for vacation of the right of way.  He asked that the Borough build the road and bridge from his property that would lead to the lake.

Residents Jim Okonek and Karen Schapansky asked about future access plans to the lake.  Currently access is via  property which Okonek leases. However, there currently is no Borough-owned access.     Discussion ensued, but no decisions were made except to write the letter to the Borough asking them to deny the original request from Emmers.

Unfinished business included a discussion on the state’s oil and gas lease in the Susitna Basin, west and south of Talkeetna. The council board of directors voted to send a letter to the division of oil and gas questioning the exploration in wetlands and demanding the strictest standards for any permit and drilling that would occur.

Flights over the Talkeetna townsite were discussed.  Chair Billy Fitzgerald said that he had received three complaints from individuals about flights directly over the village area.  Fitzgerald said the main culprit appeared to be a flight school that does multiple daily take-offs and landings.  Pilot Jim Okonek read from the FAA supplement which says pilots should not fly over the townsite. No decisions were made, but Okonek suggested that pilots speak to each other about flight patterns and make sure that pilots unfamiliar with the area follow the regulations.

A meeting with all Upper Valley community councils and Mat Su Borough officials is scheduled for October

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