Weather Service issues flood advisory

HIGH WATER— The confluence of the Talkeetna River and the Susitna River today is characterized by lots of fast flowing water.

The National Weather Service this morning issued a flood advisory for the western Susitna valley. It is in effect until Wednesday, 10 a.m. Currently, there is no flooding in Talkeetna or Trapper Creek, but the rivers and streams are running high.

According to Dave Stricklen with the National Weather Service, almost three inches of rain fell in the last eight days. The normal monthly average of rainfall for July is 3.2 inches. This wet July so far saw 4.1 inches of rain.

Trapper Creek residents say that the creeks are full but not flooding yet.

The Talkeetna River bridge gauge shows a river height of 8.1 feet. According to Stricklen, the flood stage is not triggered until 10 feet. The Yentna River gauge shows an elevated alert and is at almost a 20-foot height. At 20.5 feet, flooding is imminent.

Stricklen said that there might be a little bit of a break from the rain today, but continued moisture from the west keeps coming in and showers are forecasted for the rest of the week.

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