Anti corruption measure fails and Abortion measure passes

Voters in Tuesday’s primary election approved a measure that requires parental notification before their daughter age 17 and younger receives an abortion.  The new law gives doctors the job of notifying the parent before an abortion.  A teen will be able to get around the requirement if she appears before a judge or provides the doctor with a notorized statement that there is abuse in the home.

34 states now require parental involvement in the abortion, either through consent or notification.

The new law takes affect 90 days after the election is certified. It mostly likely will go into effect mid December.

At the same time, voters have defeated Measure One, which would have prohibited the use of public funds to lobby or campaign.  It would have also prohibited holders of government contracts and family members from making political contributions. The measure would have also disallowed lobbyists and campaigns from receiving public funds.  It was called the anti-corruption act.  It failed by a large margin.

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