Eight candidates file for 2 open Borough Assembly seats

Eight candidates have filed for the two seats up for re-election on the Mat Su Borough Assembly.  District one in the Palmer area drew four applicants.  Warren Keogh, George Rauscher, James Tapley and Bruce Walden will be in a four-way race.  For Assembly District 2 seat Tom Braund, John Leiner and Noel Woods will be running against incumbent Pete Houston.

Assemblyman for the upper valley, Vern Halter, is up for reelection in 2012.

Five candidates have filed for school board seats.  School Board Seat G, which is the upper valley seat, will see Myrl Thompson run against Lynn Gattis.  Thompson lives in Big Lake. Gattis is from Wasilla.

For School Board F, incumbent Colleen Vague is running against Neal Lacy and Susan Pougher  is the only filer for Seat C.  The school board, unlike the Borough Assembly is an open ballot, meaning everyone in the Borough votes for every seat.

The Borough election is October 5th.

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