Talkeetna man wins in Alaska Fighting Championship

Jesse Vazquez of Talkeetna last night competed in the Alaska Fighting Championships in Anchorage’s Sullivan arena and won his weight division. Vazquez defeated his opponent Aaron Ester in only 46 seconds with an armbar submission.

Coach Pete Keenan of Talkeetna Freestyle Martial Arts explains that in this style of competition everything is allowed from kickboxing to throws as it is a mix of martial arts. If the fight goes to the ground, the opponents continue to wrestle until the end of a three-minute round or until there is a submission or a knockout.

Vazquez was chosen to participate in the Alaska Fighting Championship with only two-days notice. He competed in the 160-pound class and needed to lose weight before his fight. In preparation, Vazquez dressed in five layers of clothes and ran up the steep Freedom Hills road twice. This was followed by a training session and sweating in front of the woodstove, according to his coach.

The effort bore fruits and Vazquez’s 46-second victory netted him $500 in winnings.

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