Absentee voting for Borough elections available

Mat Su Borough election packets have been mailed. Absentee-in-person voting is now in effect at both the Talkeetna and Trapper Creek libraries. Any registered voter can stop by and vote early. Those further off the road system, like residents in Skwentna, can request a mail in ballot from the Borough.

Voters will be deciding on 5 separate issues as well as voting for school board members.  The upper valley area Borough Assembly representative, Vern Halter, is not up for reelection this year.

Of the ballot initiatives, the borough manager versus mayor form of government is likely the most contentious.  The Mat Su Borough has never had a strong mayor form of government.

The ballot initiative that decides the issue is measure #1.  The language is ‘Shall the manager plan of government for the Mat Su Borough be repealed?’   Anyone who wishes a strong mayor to take the reins, instead of a borough manager, needs to vote yes.  For those that like the current form of government where the Borough Assembly is in charge and requires the manager to answer to the Assembly instead of to a mayor, need to vote no.

John Duffy, after 25 years of service to the borough, has retired.  AND Mayor Talis Colberg is gone after October.  He will direct Mat Su College.

There is currently a list of 42 candidates for the Borough Manager position.  A special meeting of the Borough Assembly has been called for next Monday afternoon and evening to discuss the subject.  The special election to replace Mayor Colberg is scheduled for January.

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