Residents threatened on Borough park trail

An incident on XY Lakes Trail with two residents and a man threatening dogs with a firearm has been brought to the attention of Alaska State Troopers.

It may, or may not, signal the return of incidents from several years ago.

In the fall and winter of 2007, several residents encountered a man along the trail in Talkeetna Lakes Park.  He carried a gun and made threats at people who had dogs with them.  The threats became frequent and serious enough that troopers were asked to help with the issue.

Monday evening, two residents were hiking with their dogs on the trail.  A tall, slender man with graying hair, about 60 years old or so, appeared on the trail with a gun and threatened the two women.  Several times, he repeated the idea that a leash law exists and they were in violation.

The Talkeetna Trooper Post has been made aware of the event and encourage anyone that has the same type of encounter to report it.

***Mat su Borough Code requires all animals be under continuous restraint, which means dogs need to either be under voice control or on a leash on a homeowners’ property and on a leash anytime the dog is on other private or public property (including Borough parks and riverfronts).

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