Swimming pool goes to top of Talkeetna council wish list

A swimming pool has gone to the top of the Capital Improvement Program list of desirable projects for the Talkeetna Community Council.

The Mat Su Borough code requires that the manager submit a list of projects each year.  That list is submitted to the governor, the state legislature and the DOT for funding consideration.

Usually the list includes community and road building-type projects.  Some of the projects listed in the Talkeetna area are:   a floatplane facility for the Talkeetna airport; a restroom for the Talkeetna Wildwood Playground; a community swimming pool; Talkeetna softball field picnic area; Talkeetna Riverfront park funding; a boat launch at Talkeetna Lakes Park and historic downtown improvements.

Dan Harrell is on the Borough’s Parks and Trails Advisory Committee and was in attendance at the meeting to ask the council for advice on which projects were a priority.  His committee makes priority suggestions to the Borough’s manager.

Discussion ensued on the idea of a swimming pool and the safety and health benefits it could provide.  The council’s board of directors unanimously voted to place a swimming pool as a high priority on the CIP list.  They said it wasn’t THE highest priority, but just one of the top priorities.

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