Talkeetna Community Council discusses Water/Sewer fees

As  a person to be heard, resident Karen Schpansky asked the Community Council to vote against the recent proposed resolution by the Talkeetna Sewer and Water Board of Directors that would change the fee structure for seasonal residents and businesses.

All residents and businesses received a proposed resolution from the Board of Directors of the utility a couple of weeks ago.  The resolution proposes allowing seasonal residents to have free shutdown and start up service each year, but people would continue to pay their regular water bill through the winter.  Currently they pay for shutoff and start up and then pay half of the water bill during the time they are gone.

Schapansky was vocal about stating how unfair the new regulation would be to people who are here for the summer and gone in the winter.  And said she has always been faithful about telling the Borough when she is back in Talkeetna and to start sending her billing. Mary Lou Henry also read a letter of opposition for the new regulation.   Jim Kellard was on hand and explained the reasoning behind the new proposal and apologized if it sounded like ALL seasonal residents shirked their duty paying bills.  A correction was made in the resolution to not sound as if people purposely avoid bill paying.  Kellard says one of the reasons for the billing change is the paperwork and billing nightmare it has created over the years.  There was a half hour discussion on the topic.

Kellard said he would gladly meet with all residents that have issue with the new proposal and see if a solution could be reached.

The Talkeetna Community Council Board of Directors made it clear they were neither for nor against the new fee structure and asked that residents who had issue with the resolution to take Kellard up on his offer.  Schapansky went on record saying she was disappointed in the Council’s lack of action.

If the Utility’s board of directors okay’s the resolution in October, it then goes to the Borough Assembly for a public hearing and a final approval or disapproval.  Year round residents would not see any change in their billing amount or structure.

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