Talkeetna’s B street slated for improvements

Road improvements are coming the way of a few concerned residents in downtown Talkeetna.  The road service area has decided to take money out of their optional maintenance funds to improve the condition of B Street.  The street runs past the Talkeetna Ranger Station and is a well-pounded pathway for heavy RVs and other traffic all summer.

The street was torn up for Talkeetna Sewer and Water maintenance a number of years ago, but never returned to its original condition.  The problem morphed from a sewer and water issue to one that is handled by the Road Service Area board.

According to John Strausenberg of the RSA Board, the plan is to bring in good material, cap and shape the road so it drains properly.  The road will be upgraded to a point that it will be in paving condition if money were ever to become available.

Strausenberg says there is a possibility that main street pavement might extend closer to the river and a bit on B street. There is no current plan to pave all of B Street.

Strasenberg says the residents who have asked that some of the road bond funds voted on in the October 5th election be allocated to downtown, cannot have their wish since the road bonds in question are for collector roads only.

The improvements for B Street are slated for next summer.

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