Voting underway for Sports Hall of Fame inductees

Voting is now underway for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame 2011 inductees. Anyone in the state can vote on the list or write in their own candidate.  As always, there a few local events and people on the list.  Vern Tejas  is on the list twice, once as a nominee for person, and another for moment-in-time for his first winter summit on Denali.  Willow musher Egil Ellis   is also on the list.  Events include the Alaska Challenge Handcycle Wheelchair Race, the Yukon Quest, the Alaska Run for Women and several others.

Other interesting names on the potential inductee list include Dolly LeFevre, the first woman to climb the seven highest peaks on the world’s continents, Libby Riddles, Big Bob Aiken and Buck Nystrom.

Residents can nominate their own write-in candidate for moment in time, events or people.  There is a selection panel so it’s not all about how many votes one person gets, but ranking on criteria.

The induction ceremony for the 2011 will take place early next year.  The winners are announced in November.

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