Arts Council makes decision on future alcohol sales

The out-going Chairman of the Denali Arts Council made one last decision that will certainly impact future events at the Sheldon Community Arts Hanger.

Troy Smiley, along with the rest of the Board, has changed the alcohol policy.  He said the no-alcohol rule will be enforced for many events, but not all.  He said that groups wishing to have an event at the Hanger will need to make a written request to the council and give the reasons why alcohol should be served at the event.

There is no firm decision on which events will or will not serve alcohol.

Historically, the council was able to serve alcohol at 5 events per year.  The DAC received a permit from the Alcohol  Board last year that allowed them to serve beer and wine at all events.  Since that time, the organization has received complaints about alcohol consumption at events.

Smiley said that he is thrilled to make the decision before he handed over the reins. He said that liquor is not the reason the non-profit exists and it didn’t seem to be a community organization anymore.  The decision to limit alcohol was a unanimous decision by the board Monday evening.

Executive Director Mindy Lindgren confirmed the decision saying that the default has changed. Now, the bar is NOT open instead of ALWAYS being open.  They will continue the discussion with council’s program directors and Lindgren says they also welcome community input. She says they hope to find the happy place in the middle.

Jeff Lebegue takes over as chairman with Mary Farina acting as a co-chairman.   The new board members and officers were seated Monday night at the regular meeting of the board.

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