Candidates line up for Susitna Council member elections

The Susitna Community Council is going to hold elections for its board of directors on Thursday, November 4.Three regular seats and two alternate seats are up for election. Bowing out are council members Tami Hamler and Cari Sayre, while Terrence Shanigan decided to run for re-election. Blaine Humphries of Caswell and Justin Koles of Sunshine declared their candidacy for regular seats. Ken “Panic” Holbrook and Eric Runstrom threw their names in the hat to run for alternate seats. The elections are going to take place on Thursday at the Upper Susitna Senior Center, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Candidate Statements:

Blaine Humphries

Blaine Humphries:

I moved to Alaska from North Dakota in 1988. I worked as a warehouseman for Carr’s/Safeway for 21 years and started my own construction business in 2009- Renovation Solutions of Alaska. I have been married for 6 years to my wife Chris and we have four grown boys and two poodles between us. We enjoy fishing and riding our snowmachines in what little off-time we have. We moved to Caswell Lakes from Eagle River in 2006, and my wife is an EMT for Willow/Caswell when she is not working her medical job in Anchorage. We have lived in the area long enough to get a feel for the community and would like to be more involved in it’s growth and future development.

Ken Panic Holbrook

Ken Panic Holbrook:

I’m a 40 year resident of Alaska. I’ve lived in the Sunshine area for the past 16 years. My wife and I own Panco, Inc., a finish contracting business that specializes in solid surface counter tops and commercial interior work. I’m a fiscal conservative and am willing to serve as an alternate on the SCC Board of Directors.

Eric Runstrom

Eric Runstrom:

I’ve been in Alaska for 35 years and Susitna Council area resident since 1998. I am a plumbing and heating contractor in our area the pass 34 years. I am running for alternate director position and would will to give back in the community.

Justin Koles:

Justin Koles

After serving in the U.S. Army, I attended the University of Hawaii. Following my graduation, I moved to Alaska in 1971. I worked as a policeman with the Anchorage Police Department, with most of my time spent in Investigations.  Following my retirement from APD, I moved to Washington State and bought a welding/manufacturing business.  Although, business was good I always missed Alaska and wanted to go back.  In 2006, I sold my business in Washington State and moved back to Alaska. I built a steel building on Commercial Drive across from Moore’s Hardware, where my family and I now live. We recently started a Military Surplus Store at that location know as GI Jane’s. I have always been interested in community service. I choose to call the Susitna area my home.

Terrence Shanigan

Incumbent Terrence Shanigan:

My name is Terrence Shanigan and I am interested in serving our Upper Susitna community because I believe I can be an effective advocate for ideas and values important to the residents of this area.  I am happily married and the proud father of two.  We have made the Caswell Lakes area our home in 2007 and love the way everyone is your neighbor even when you lives miles apart.  I want to protect our natural resources, especially the wildlife and fish that enrich this area.  I think that the community council is in an excellent position to educate the borough and the state on the unique needs of this area.  The Upper Susitna community has many upcoming projects moving through our area over the next two years and I am eager to be a part of these positive developments.

All photos courtesy of Patti Coleman.

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