Election results show 18 percent overall voter turnout Borough wide

Election results from both the Talkeetna Community council board of directors AND the Borough municipal elections have been tabulated.  Turnout was low across the Borough.  14% of Susitna voters turned out to vote. 21% of Talkeetna voters went to the polls and 9% of Trapper Creek voted.

There was a good turnout locally.  142 people voted in the Talkeetna council election. The following people have been elected to the Talkeetna Community Council:  Whitney Wolff, Mary Farina, Robert Gerlach, Sharon Montagnino and Rick Schrieber.  Rick replaces Meghaan Vaughan on the council and will have a one year term.  There were 5 open seats this year with 7 people running. Billy Fitzgerald, Doug Gaulteri and Jok Bonderant all go off the council after this election.

In the Borough and School Board election, preliminary results show that incumbents most likely will be defeated in this election. Assembly seat 1 goes to Warren Keough, Noel Woods defeated Pete Houston for District 2 seat.

Susan Pougher was uncontested in her run for seat C on the School Board.

Seat F on the school board goes to Neal Lacy who defeated Colleen Vague, who is the current seated School Board President. Almost 1000 votes separate the two at this point.

For seat G – Lynn Gattis is defeating incumbent Myrl Boone Thompson by 648 votes, although Myrl won overwhelmingly in the upper valley. If it would have been up to Willow, Susitna, Trapper Creek and Talkeetna, Thompson would have pulled off a win, 346 to 238.  Gattis has received her support from the lower valley.

As far as propositions – voters decided to stay with the manager form of government, although it was clearly a contentious issue.  The vote was 5317 against the repeal of the manager to 4709 FOR the strong mayor.

The transportation bonds (proposition 2) is failing by 260 votes

Proposition 3 ( education bonds for capital improvements) passed

Proposition 4 ( track and field sports bonds) failed.

Prop 5 – (should mat su officials should be exempt from the state requirements for financial disclosure) –  failed by an overwhelming margin.

These are preliminary results.  Over 2000 absentee and early ballots have yet to be counted.  Those will be counted October 8.

For all vote tallies (except for Talkeetna council, go to the Borough website)

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