Ober is a no show at change-of-plea hearing

The legal case against Aaron Ober is at a standstill as he did not show up for a change-of-plea hearing on Tuesday. The 30-year old Talkeetna man is accused of two counts of criminal trespass in the Talkeetna Village Park. In the hearing that was set for October 12, he was going to change his “not guilty” plea.

According to the district attorney, Ober’s lawyer was present, but the accused wasn’t. The judge issued a $300 bench warrant for Ober’s arrest. There is no new hearing scheduled until Ober turns up again.

The charges stemmed from two separate incidents this summer. On one occasion, Troopers removed Ober from the village park after fighting with another person. He was taken to Mat Su Pretrial and was told not to return to the park or he would be charged with criminal trespass.

He was removed from the park a second time when he was found intoxicated again. This arrest became part of a National Geographic trooper reality show because Talkeetna troopers were joined by the film crew when they received the call of the disturbance in the park.  Dozens of visitors were witness to the arrest.

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