Official name will be Mount Stevens

Monday (updated)  -President Obama signed into law today  a bill honoring the late Ted Stevens by gracing a mountain peak and ice field with his name.

The Mount Stevens and Ted Stevens Ice-field Designation Act was sponsored by Alaska’s Congressional delegation and passed both houses of Congress last month.

The U-S Geological Place Names Board now has 30 days to christen them. Since the official bill signed into law by the President yesterday calls the mountain “Mount Stevens,” that’s what it is. That is despite the Murkowski office’s goal/plan of having it called “Stevens Peak.”  IT’S IN THE LAW to call it Mount Stevens, so that’s what it is, according to the U-S Geological Place Names Board. The Place Names Board says it will have the paperwork completely processed in the next two days for the new Stevens mountain & ice field names.

Ed note – Mt. Stevens is a peak or pinnacle on the Mt. Hunter massive.

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