Political signs stolen from a dozen Talkeetna residences

On Friday, a number of residents in the Talkeetna area reported political signs missing from their property. Whoever removed the signs wasn’t choosey.  McAdams, Parnell, Crawford, Berkowitz and Miller signs were taken.

It is estimated that over a dozen residences were hit by the sign thief, or thieves.

There are times during the year that the DOT Right of Way offices in Anchorage remove signs, but the office has denied that they have done any sign removal this political season citing not enough resources to dedicate to collecting illegal signage.

Steve Hanson, local DOT employee, he isn’t authorized to collect signs but says he often sees a large pile of illegal signs collected at the DOT right-of-way offices in Anchorage at various times of the year.  Signs sometimes unknowingly placed in the DOT right of way include for-sale signs, real estate signs as well as political signs.

Alaska statute prohibits posting political signs within 650 feet of a DOT right of way. The statute also includes placing items like satellite dishes and permanent business signs in the DOT right of way.

The various campaigns have been notified and all volunteers in those offices have said they heard about the removal of signs in Talkeetna but say that it happens frequently in many areas during the political season.

Alaska State Troopers office says that the first complaints of missing signs in the Talkeetna area came over a week ago when several Joe Miller signs went missing.  In all of these cases, the troopers issue a citizen report that can be filled out and filed.   Troopers report a large amount of signs in the Wasilla area missing as well.

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