Talkeetna Community Council starts revenue sharing process

The Talkeetna Community Council is continuing their efforts to decide on a state revenue sharing project.

Howard Carbone, chairman of the revenue sharing committee says the process will be hammered out at the committee meeting Tuesday evening.  Although there are currently 6 members on the committee, he says they hope to get one more committee member from the business community before they dive into the process of holding community meetings and decide on a project that will spend the twenty thousand two hundred dollar grant given through the Mat Su Borough from the state.

The due date for project submissions was originally slated for this Friday, but Carbone says he thinks that will change.  The committee on Tuesday will be deciding on the rules for the voting and selection process and the deadline for project submissions.

The council has another $20,200 that is available from the 2010 fiscal year, but Carbone said the council made a decision that to work on a fair and transparent system for the 2009 grant.  He said he is sure the committee will learn  along the way and make the process for the next grant even smoother than this round.

Community members are being encouraged by the council to follow the process, submit projects to the council and attend future public meetings when they are announced.  Carbone stressed that this committee meeting is NOT a required meeting.

The Mat Su Borough received revenue sharing funds from the state for each community council in January 2009 totaling $440,000 to be split among councils.  The Borough received the same amount of funds again in January 2010.

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