Voters defeat idea of strong mayor

There are a couple of corrections and additions to the Borough election results.  The Borough reports there are 1,917 votes left to count. These are special needs, absentee and early voting ballots.  Counting of ballots will continue tomorrow.

Incumbents were defeated in this election.   Assembly Seat  District 1 goes to Warren Keough.  It appears as if Noel Woods has defeated incumbent Pete Houston for District 2 seat.

Susan Pougher  was uncontested in her run for seat C on the school Board, although there were over one thousand write in votes.  Seat F on the school Board goes to Neal Lacy, who defeated Colleen Vague, the incumbent.  Vague is the current School Board President.  Almost 1,000 votes separate the 2 candidates.

Lynn Gattis of Wasilla appears to have defeated incumbent Myrl Boone Thompson of Big Lake for Seat G on the School Board.  Thompson took the upper valley vote, however.  If it were up to Houston, Willow, Susitna, Trapper Creek and Talkeetna, Thompson would have won 482 to  Gattis’s 289.

Voters decided to stay with the manager form of government, defeating the idea of a strong mayor by a small margin.

The transportation bonds are failing at this point by only 260 votes.

Voters approved education bonds for capital improvements on schools borough-wide, but they voted down proposition 4 which would have added track and field upgrades to schools.

Proposition 5 was defeated by an overwhelming margin.  The question asked if mat su local officials should be exempt from the state requirements for financial disclosure and instead revert back to Borough disclosure forms.

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