Bachelor Auction and Ball will celebrate its 30th anniversary

After much speculation about the future of the Bachelor Ball and Wilderness Woman’s contest, Bachelor Society president Rich Crain has confirmed there will be a Bachelor auction this year on December 4th.

The event is in its 30th year.  After holding several meetings where no bachelors showed up, Crain said he had given up hope.  However, after word got out on the street that the event might be cancelled, he says men came out of the woodwork.

He has a list of 35 men that will be in the calendar and on the auction block.   Crain says about one third of the men are new to the list.  There is a smattering of the 50-years-and-older crowd, but many are younger.

Crain says that long time Bachelor supporter and planner Pam Rannals has been, and will continue to be, involved with the event.

Nick Condon is helping hammer out an agreement with the Denali Arts Council in order to use the Arts Hanger for the event.  Condon will help manage the event this year.  There are a few small changes in the event.  Crain says after the auction, there will be a awards ceremony and a short mixer where the women can meet with the man they purchased.  The bachelor ball itself will be held at the Fairview Inn.

Crain says alas, Robert Forgit, auctioneer for 14 or so years, has a prior commitment that weekend, so the bachelors have been left scrambling for an auctioneer. Nick Condon has volunteered to try and fill the very large shoes of the TV and Coast Guard personality.  The last time Forgit auctioneered, in 2008, he brought in a record amount of money, along with the record-breaking auction of Buddy Gray.

Crain says there are no serious changes to the Wilderness Woman’s contest and he has high hopes that Trapper Tim Buechle will step up again to assist with that event.

The Bachelor’s website promotes the Bachelor Auction and Ball as an effort to raise awareness of domestic violence and women and children in crisis.

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