Eight running for Borough mayor

There are 8 candidates on the final list for Mat Su Borough mayor.  The deadline for application was Friday.

Larry DeVilbiss, John Leiner, Brian Sullivan and  Bruce Walden,  all from  Palmer, and Ken Clark, Kurt Jarmer, Jeff Ward, and David Wilson of Wasilla are on the list.

The special election for Borough mayor is January 11th.  Requests for absentee ballots need to be submitted by January 4th.  To be counted, the ballot must be voted, postmarked and mailed to the Borough clerk’s office no later than January 11th and received no later than January 14th.

Meanwhile a decision is expected this week or next on the new Borough manager.  The Borough Assembly held a meeting Saturday for another round of interviews for the final 3 applicants.  Greg Young, city administrator of Ferndale, Washington, Don Baird, town manager of Granby Colorado and  Desmond Mayo, currently finance manager at Crowley Petroleum and former borough employee are on the final list.

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