Preliminary plat for subdivision at Montana Creek presented to council

Susitna Community Council members
STUDYING THE PLAT— Susitna Community Council members take a look at the preliminary plat for a new subdivision proposed at Montana Creek Road. Photo by Diana Haecker

SUNSHINE— The Susitna Community Council ok’d a platting request from the Mat-Su Borough to dedicate the new Montana Creek Road as the legal right-of-way. The road has been in place for a number of years. It was build to replace the Old Montana Creek Road, which was deemed substandard.

With the recent platting request, the borough wants to finalize the legality of the new Montana Creek Road.

This comes in the context that a new subdivision is planned in the area. The state currently owns most of the land in the vicinity. The borough selected the land in the 1970s during the Alaska Native Claims settlement act and has not yet been given title to the land yet. The land has been surveyed and planners at the Mat-Su borough have drawn up a preliminary plat. Once approved, the state has to approve the plat as well. Officially, the plat is called Alaska State Land Survey 2002-6 and encompasses 154 acres. The subdivision is split up in eight lots and three tracts, all more than 10 acres in size. According to borough project manager Nancy Cameron, it can take years until the borough gets the final patent to the land. Before the lots can go up for sale to private ownership, the transfer from the state to the borough needs to be finalized. The preliminary plat is going before the platting board on December 2.

THE MAP— The preliminary plat shows the planned lots for the Montana Creek subdivision ASLS 2002-6. Photo by Diana Haecker

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