Search for missing F-22 pilot ongoing

TALKEETNA, Nov. 19 — Search and rescue teams with the Alaska Air National Guard Rescue Coordination Center are still searching the Denali Highway for missing Air Force F-22 pilot Captain Jeffrey Haney. As of Friday noon, he has not been found yet.

The F-22 crashed near the Denali Highway on Tuesday night and was found the next day. Emergency Operations Center director Lt. Col. Scott Jackson said that the search is now focused on finding the pilot and where the ejector seat is located.

A spokesman for the emergency coordination center said that a convoy was sent up to Denali Highway from Anchorage on Thursday night. Due to bad weather, the support team had to overnight in Cantwell and left in the early morning hours to make its way to Susitna Lodge to set up a base camp there.

This is a developing story, please stay tuned to updates.

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