Assembly votes to dismantle Real Property Asset Management Board

The Mat Su Borough Assembly voted 4 to 3 to disassemble the Real Property Asset Management Board at their meeting Tuesday evening.

Public testimony took about 45 minutes and discussion by the assembly lasted another 45 minutes with Assembly members trying to introduce additional motions and amendments to the original ordinance.

The ordinance, introduced by Ron Arvin, effectively shuts down the real property asset management board, which was developed 5 years ago by the Assembly themselves.  The Board acted in an advisory capacity to the Assembly on all matters affecting real property and natural resource development for all Borough land.  They also dealt with classification and planning of land for disposals and public facilities.

The Board was an 11-member board selected from all areas of expertise in land and business management.  That ended up being the sticking point with Arvin. As the current acting borough mayor, it is up to him to fill open positions on Borough boards, as well as taking a look at how efficiently the borough is operating.  At the end of all the discussion Tuesday evening, he said the board currently had 6 open seats, which he hasn’t been able to fill.  He said the board hasn’t been meeting with a quorum for quite some time.  Several Assembly members suggested that they need to examine EVERY board and if there is a necessity for those Boards.    Assembly member Cindy Bettine tried to introduce several different motions that would keep the board operating.  A number of people testifying used the word redundant to describe the Board, but when she questioned why it was redundant, no one was able to answer the question.

Bettine, Vern Halter and Warren Keough voted against the ordinance.  The ordinance passed, however, and repeals the original ordinance that formed the Real Property Asset Management Board in 2005.  The action is effective immediately.

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