Borough Assembly to use a search firm for manager

The Mat Su Borough Assembly met in a special meeting Tuesday night and unanimously decided on hiring an executive search firm to help find the next Borough manager.

The Assembly has been interviewing and looking at potential candidates for months.  They whittled the list of 60 candidates down to three  candidates a few weeks ago.

The Assembly deliberated on the issue for three hours last night before unanimously passing the motion. The Assembly has directed the staff to hire an executive search firm to continue the selection process for the next Borough manager.

It is unknown at this point how long the selection process will take now that a search firm will be involved.

Search firms many times ask for a percentage of the salary of the executive they are searching for, which could put the cost of this particular search between 25 and 35% of the manager’s annual salary. It is not known what firm will be chosen to help find the new manager.

Past manager John Duffy resigned the position and left in June of this year.  The assistant manager, Elizabeth Gray, became acting Borough manager. She’ll continue on as acting Borough manager as long as the search is underway.

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