Sunshine Clinic loses its newest PA before he arrives

The Sunshine Community Health Center was poised to have a new Physician’s Assistant who would work into the role of Medical Director.  Sharon Montanigno, the clinic’s executive director, says she had to pull the great news from their newsletter this week and stop the presses, when she received a letter from the new hire.  Joe Tritchler had a last minute change of heart and sent a letter declining the offer.

She said he worked here all summer, left for a 3 month contract elsewhere in Alaska and had contacted her about the possibility of returning full time at the clinic.

Tritchler, a PA with a lot of experience on many levels, would have sealed the third provider position that Montanigno has been hoping to fill, to round out the clinic’s staff.  She said it was unclear in his letter about the reasons for his decision, although it appears it could be family related.  She is disappointed and says Tritchler was very well qualified and had the right skill level to become medical director, which would free Dr. Loeb to just be a provider rather than juggle both positions.

The clinic has recently hired a full time provider for the Willow clinic.  Dianna Maythorne has been a registered nurse in Alaska for 14 years and recently obtained her nurse practitioner degree, which will allow her to be a full time practitioner for Willow. She’ll use all of December to train with Dr. Mary Loeb in Willow.  She and her husband have a dog team and are living full time in Willow.  She’ll receive her temporary license in January.

Montanigno says she is back to searching for a third PA or nurse practitioner for the Talkeetna clinic.

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