Talkeetna Council receives 8 applications for revenue sharing

The Talkeetna Community Council held a very short meeting Monday evening.  All business was completed within an hour and the meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

The only committee report came from revenue sharing committee chair Howard Carbone.  He reported that 8 applications have been received for the revenue sharing grant of $22,200.

Sunshine Transit asked for $4700 for operating funds, the Talkeetna Cemetery Association asked for $3600 to repair the cemetery gates, KTNA applied for $1000 for microphone recording equipment, the Northern Susitna Institute asked for $9400 for program start-up costs and Roger Robinson asked for $1000 which would go to help install a composting toilet at the mouth of the well-used Clear Creek area.

Larger requests are: $10,000 for a farmer’s market to be started, $10,100 for starting a youth and elder work education project through Homespun Productions, and Steve Harrison asked for over $22,000 to start a moose club at the Su Valley High School. The program would help students pick up roadkill moose, butcher and provide meat to community members in need.

The total funds requested amounted to  more than $62,500.  The amount available in this round of grant money is $22,200.  The project has to benefit residents in the Talkeetna Council area.

The committee meets soon to discuss which projects should take priority.  The top contenders will get forwarded to the Council’s Board of Directors and then on to the Borough for final approval and acceptance of funds.

Elizabeth Hartley, comptroller for the Borough confirms that the project, or projects, need to be completed by the end of 2011. Funds not used get returned to the state.

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