Talkeetna revenue share committee makes recommendations

The revenue share committee of the Talkeetna Community Council decided on Thursday night which projects to recommend to the council for a share of the 20,200 dollars in revenue share funds from the state.The committee recommends funding of all six proposals that were before them. The Sunshine Transit Coalition requested $4,700 but the committee recommended to give the transit $5,000. The Talkeetna Cemetery Association asked for $3,600 and the committee recommends funding the full amount. The Moose Club, a project to educate students on butchering and dressing road kill moose, would get $5,500. The Northern Susitna Institute requested $9,600 and the committee recommends funding the educational organization with $4,600. KTNA requested $1,000 for microphone replacements, which was approved by the committee, and so was Roger Robinson’s request for $500 to install a public compost toilet in Talkeetna.

The committee also recommends sending a letter to the Susitna Community Council to voice support for the Moose Club and to encourage the neighbor council to fund the organization with portions of their revenue share funds.

Committee chair Howard Carbone said the Talkeetna Community Council will have the final say on the recommendations of the revenue share committee. The revenue share is on the agenda for the Talkeetna community council’s next regular meeting on January 3.

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