StarDate Susitna 01-16-11

Map of Moon's near side

StarDate Susitna airs on KTNA Sunday evenings at or around 6:15, and again on Monday afternoons at 12:35.

In this edition, Kathleen focuses on this weeks full moon, and answers a couple listener questions about our only natural satellite. While listening the the broadcast, producer, writer and host, Kathleen heard a silly error. “I meant to say that one second is added every couple of years to account for the slowing of the earth’s rotation, but what I did say was every couple of days.” A “leap second” was added in 2008, 2005, and 1998, and more often prior to that.

The above map (image) of the moon’s near side is available at the following website. Once there, you can click on “larger image”, but it is still not easily readable. Lunar maps are fascinating and are available from numerous sources.

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