Susitna Council doles out community revenue share funds

In their regular meeting on Thursday, the Susitna Community Council doled out their share of the 2009 community revenue share funds to four organizations. The state’s community revenue share for each of the area’s community councils is $20,200 for fiscal year 2009. The funds are held in trust by the Mat-Su Borough until councils decide which projects benefiting the public should be funded.

The Susitna Council awarded $8,750 to the Trail Grooming Committee to buy a snowmachine and grooming equipment. Five-thousand-five-hundred dollars went to the Moose Club, an initiative to teach school students moose butchering and clean harvest techniques on road-kill moose. The council awarded $4,500 to cover the council’s administrative costs and purchase of supplies. A Trooper on the Trail project received $1,450.

The council tabled decisions on allocating revenue share funds for a Sunshine Cemetery and Sunshine Creek improvements. The council did not allocate any money to help with transportation costs of the 5th and 6th grade student’s Project Earth trip, but encouraged the parent petitioning for the project to come back in February to apply for funds out of the 2010 revenue share pot. If selected, the funds could be available in time for the students’ trip in May. The council discussed the scope and merits of the Northern Susitna Institute and decided to not allocate any funds toward the project, but to encourage them to apply again for a piece of the 2010 revenue share funds and to come back with a more detailed proposal.

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