Talkeenta Bachelor Society decides on funding after 2nd highest year

The Talkeetna Bachelor Society made their decision on doling out funds from the Bachelor Auction before Christmas, however, due to vacations and other delays, the funds to area non-profits are scheduled to be mailed within the week.

Rich Crain, president of the Bachelor Society, says that both he and Todd Basilone were scheduled to leave town a few days after the final financial decisions were made.  Now that he is back in town, he’ll attend to getting grants to the non-profits who were selected.

This year’s total was $9500 net amount, which is the second highest fundraising year ever from the Society’s Bachelor Auction.  2008 was the banner year with over $11,000 coming in from the auction and catalog sales (net).

Nine non-profits, plus the Jessica Stevens Foundation Special Fund for women and children in crisis, will benefit from the fund raising effort. The 9 benefitting organizations are — The Free Box, Sunshine Transit, the High School Athletic Fund, KTNA for on going news coverage of domestic violence, the Elementary PTA for providing healthy snacks to children, the high School science class for their healthy snack program, the Green Light circus, the Community Food Bank and medical bills for Jayme Spires.  Most of the organizations received between $300 and $700. Spires, as a victim of abuse, will receive a higher amount to pay for outstanding medical bills.  The Foundation receives $4500 for women and children in crisis.

Crain has apologized for the delay and says checks will go out soon.  Male Order Catalog sales will continue through the year and will be added to next years fundraising efforts.

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