Talkeetna council approves revenue share projects

The Talkeetna Community Council Board of Directors has committed to holding effective, short meetings, lasting no more than 2 hours.

The council met Monday night for the regular monthly meeting.  Council chair, Sharon Montagnino reported on a work session the Board had in December and said they would do everything in their power to hold brief meetings, but being effective and accomplishing a lot at the same time.

The council plowed through a fairly hefty agenda Monday night and adjourned by 9 pm.  A public water source for Talkeetna area residents, revenue sharing, recycling efforts, snowmachine complaints and other topics were covered in the meeting.

The Board unanimously approved the revenue sharing projects as presented by committee chairman Howard Carbone.  The committee received numerous praises from people who had attended meetings or participated in the process.   Six projects for the 2009 round of revenue sharing funds were approved.  If the Borough approves the Council’s recommendations, Sunshine Transit will get $5000 for operational funds, the Talkeetna Cemetery will get $3600 to fix the cemetery gates, KTNA community radio will receive $1000 for studio equipment to assist in news development, Northern Susitna Institute receives $4600 for program development and Roger Robinson is set to receive $500 to install a state of the art composting toilet near the Talkeetna River to help clean up the riverfont.   The Su Valley Moose club project at the high school received $5500 to fund the initial phase of their work. Eight applications were originally received with two dropping out of the process.  Listeners can stay tuned to hear more in depth reports on some of these projects.

All projects need to be completed by January of 2012.  The committee is beginning the selection process for 2010 next month.

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